Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Furlough schedule

Next week we will be stepping on a plane to the United States to begin our trip visiting so many of you. Here is our schedule as it is planned so far. Some parts may change, but we will keep you updated. We are looking forward to seeing you!!

June 30 - Fly in from Europe!
July 1-9 - In Minnesota visiting with the Woodbury church
July 9-13 - In Muscatine, Iowa with the church there
July 13-16 - In Omaha, Nebraska with family
July 16-23 - In Colorado Springs with family and the church at Pikes Peak Avenue
July 24th - a Summer Breeze reunion (for those who know what Summer Breeze was)
July 23-25 - In Denver with family and church family
July 25-28 - traveling to Long Beach over Utah and Nevada
July 28-August 5 - in Long Beach with the Long Beach church
August 5-7 - traveling to Abilene, TX over Arizona and New Mexico
August 7-15 - in Abilene with the 11th & Willis church
August 15-19 - in the Kellar (TX) area with the McNeill's
August 19-20 - traveling to Searcy, AR (through Oklahoma?)
August 20-23 - in Searcy installing Stephan and visiting church family
August 23-24 - traveling to Naples, FL through Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama
August 24-26 - In Naples, FL with family
August 26 - fly back to Europe!

Please let us know if we can see you along the way! We would love to visit and be encouraged by how God is working in your lives.