Saturday, December 28, 2013

Around the table

In the last months of the year we have had several opportunities to fellowship. I like that word. We share things with one another in times of fellowship. And, not surprisingly, many of these moments are shared around the table. It is at the table that we put our differences aside and try to be at peace with one another. It is at the table that we share our lives, our conversation, our food with one another. Normally we will at the very least try to be polite. But in times of fellowship we simply enjoy.

Here are some pictures of our most recent times of sharing around the table. We are thankful for good friends, Christian family and times together. 

This year we hosted our 'Meeting Jesus' group 
for a real Thanksgiving Day dinner (on Thanksgiving!)

At 'Thanksmis' (because we plan it in between Thanksgiving and Christmas) we saw people from all over Belgium and the Netherlands and got to see most of the new babies.

Having fun at Thanksmis. 
Yeah, probably scared the poor kid 
(although he did go to sleep not long after). 

For Shirley's birthday, which fell on a Wednesday, we had the group from Liege over at our house as well as the members from Maastricht who could be there. 

Christmas Eve we were welcomed by the Brazle clan for gourmet 
(cheese and meat cooked on a sort of hot plate, 
combined with lots of good conversation)

On Christmas Day we went to Willemien, 
since she couldn't easily come to us, and shared a nice afternoon.

Later on Christmas Day we invited some friends over.

We are so thankful for all of our family of all sorts all around the world. We pray that you too are enjoying fellowship with the Lord each and every day, in His wonderful grace. Our sincerest wish is that we can sit together with you around God's table.