Monday, June 19, 2017

Children of the King

This past month has been full of moments shared with brothers and sisters - children of the King. I already talked about the concert with Harding Chorus and our time down at camp. But there have been several other opportunities as well.

Scott and Paul Quiel, a brother from the church in Haarlem, got together to work on their study in the Old Testament. This is a time of mentoring, of mutual encouragement and challenge. How good it is to look at God's word together and share together what He is teaching us.

Soon after this we spent a day with christian family in Eindhoven, singing and encouraging one another. Usually this is a yearly gathering on the second day of Pentecost. Although communication and planning didn't write work out as usual, we did;t want this day to go by without using the time to encourage one another. So we gathered, sang, ate together and encouraged one another.

On June 11 we took part as a congregation in a neighbourhood Open Day which showcased clubs in the neighbourhood. We passed out free water on a hot day, offered a quiz about Jesus and basically just got to know some of our neighbours. About half of the members were able to spend some time at our tent. What an encouragement to share this time together!

Of course we also got together on the first Wednesday of the month to sing with our French-speaking brothers and sisters. But this month we also got to attend a concert in Liege with a singing group from the church in Lille, France and a French-speaking group from Harding which comes with professor Robert McCready. What an encouragement!

We are so thankful for the many opportunities God gives us to encourage and be encouraged, to serve in His kingdom.