Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A good woman who can find?

Well, I don't know about you, but I've definitely got one!
You know she really loves you when you're shivering and just can't get warm, so she cuddles up close to you - even though you are now cold because you have just sweat up the whole bed from your flu fever and she has to cuddle up to all that sweat (hope you're not eating dinner while reading this!). The next three days Shirley nursed me and Sean back to health through all our aches and whining. I am so thankful for this real woman who is so very beautiful at moments when you would not really expect it (but when you most want it to be so).

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Youth weekend in Haarlem

In de regen / In the rain
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A little bit of rain just can't stop the fun. This past weekend was a youth weekend in Haarlem with the theme "Missing the mark". Biking in the rain could not keep the fun away, since we biked to the Ikea to have breakfast, to an archery club to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow and back home to listen to some good lessons and spend time together. These weekends are always good for seeing friends and making new friends. We had over 20 kids at this one in Haarlem.

What a blessing to have people who are willing to orgainze these events. This one was also organized partially by some of the youth who have grown up - it is great to see their growth in the Lord!

Click on the photo to see more pictures of the weekend.

Friday, January 18, 2008

On his way

We recently received our official notice that Stephan has been accepted to Harding University. This is exciting. There have been lots of times as Stephan was growing up that we thought about whether he would go off to school in the States or stay here. Our furlough last summer, being able to visit several schools, helped to put some things in perspective.

Now Stephan will be heading off to Searcy, Arkansas. Shirley is an alum, so we know what the school used to look like. Stephan endures stories of times past (but secretly listens closely, knowing that there are still elements that might be helpful). All he has to do now is pass this last year in high school. He is ready to go and excited about the possibilities.

So if all goes right and we can find the finances we need, Stephan will be gone in the Fall. All we have to do is get used to the idea that Stephan is leaving! We have known it was coming, but it is still kind of hard to get used to. I don’t think we will believe it until Scott gets back from Arkansas without Stephan.

Until then we will try to enjoy all the moments we have together, which is something we need to be doing anyway. And we are doing the same thing with Sean – he may have another four years, but he is already making plans!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome to 2008

We had a wonderful evening welcoming in the new year! Most of the church family was able to get together at Ruud and Karla's house to play games, sing and enjoy the wonderful fellowship of family.

Sean and Shirley put on a magic show (Mr. Magnifico!), Stephan juggled and Scott played a song. We also enjoyed the exploits of the others (have you heard of 'jumping' yet?) and listened to some wonderful piano playing.

At the stroke of 12 (ours, of course) we ran outside to enjoy the fireworks. These remind me of how beautiful light can be - the nice thing being that Jesus is a light that lasts, never fading, not just a momentary pleasure. Enjoy His light each and every day in this new year!