Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Changes to our schedule!

We have made some slight changes to our schedule while in the US. The front end will switch Nebraska and Iowa around. I know - some of you probably would switch them around without knowing anyway. But for our good friends and family there it makes a difference.

And this will make it possible for us to offer a singing workshop at the Muscatine church of Christ - so if you are in the area, come on by Saturday, May 18 for some great congregational singing and learning how to sing together. Or learn about writing new songs. We will also be offering this workshop at Miller Street church of Christ in Wheatridge (Denver) on June 8.

The poster here has the new changes.

Monday, March 04, 2019

Will we see you?

From May 14 - July 9 we will be traveling in the US, visiting congregations and family. We would really like to see you if that is possible. Check out the places we will be and let us know if we can get together.

May 15 - 18 in Omaha, NE

May 18 - 23 in Muscatine, IA
We are looking at the possibility of a Singing Workshop at this stop.

May 23 - June 2 in Minneapolis (and area)

June 3 - 10 in Colorado, first in Colorado Springs and from the 7th in Denver.
The Miller Street congregation (in Wheatridge) is hosting a Singing Workshop with us on June 8!

June 11- 17 in Abilene, TX
We will be mobile, so let us know if we can get together. We stay the night of the 17th in Dallas if you would like to meet.

June 18 - 23 in Indianapolis, IN

June 23 - July 4 in Long Beach, CA and area

July 5 - 9 in New York City

We look forward to seeing old friends and building new relationships. We are so thankful that God is making this possible through your generosity!