Sunday, May 28, 2017

"And I helped!"

When was the last time you allowed someone to help you – when you needed it? And when was the last time you allowed someone to help – even though you didn’t need it? I am so thankful for how God continues to help us learn how deep and wondrous His grace truly is.
We were so thankful that Harding University Chorus stopped by on their tour to sing with us and two local choirs. What impressed me was the willingness to help in whatever way possible, including crawling around on the ground setting up a podium, unstacking chairs before the concert and stacking them again afterwards. When I don’t want to ‘bother’ people in asking them to help, I remove any opportunity to serve. The concert was a time full of people being willing to help, even when they were not asked.
This past weekend I got to go down to our Bible camp. We hold a work camp every year at this time to get things ready for the summer weeks. Once again, people came willing to help, looking for ways to serve. There was a list of things to do, but there was also a willingness to ask: “What can I do?” And when some of the younger ones wanted to help, we found ways that they could take part as well.
We want to help. We are made to be part of creating. And God’s grace is what makes this possible in His kingdom. He allows us to help. He even puts us in places where we can help. I love working in His kingdom and learning from His grace.
Go on over to our photo site to see some pictures of the concert inMaastricht or of our time down at work camp. And remember to allow people to help you too, today.

I have been crucified in Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live in faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. Galatians 2:20

Monday, May 15, 2017

Give your best and be prepared to be surprised

A few weeks ago we went to Switzerland to fellowship – and play some football. I got to play with the Benelux amateur team – a group of young, enthousiastic kids and two adults. We (the adults) said – “Give your best” – and that is what these kids did. We didn’t win a single game (I don’t think we even scored). But we had fun and we were good for each other. To keep your eye on your goal is important – helping one another, giving your best, being kind to others along the way.

I was recently reading in Luke of when Jesus meets Peter. Peter didn’t expect anything to happen when Jesus told him to let the nets out. After all, he – Peter – was the professional. But Jesus makes it possible, when Peter thinks it is not possible. It reminded me that we try all sorts of ‘methods’ to reach people with the gospel. But it is the presence of Jesus that changes things. And we have no promise that people will listen. We are simply to be faithful in fishing. Give your best.

We had fun and we gave our best in Switserland. And I want to keep doing that each day. Tomorrow we will be welcoming Harding’s Chorus and singing at a special concert. We will give our best and be prepared to be surprised (is it possible to prepare for surprise?).

You can find pictures of our weekend on facebook (Football weekend thayngen) and here. After the concert I will have pictures up on Facebook and our picture site. Keep an eye out.